“Claude Delangle” Henri Selmer Paris Mouthpiece for the Alto Saxophone

The new “Claude Delangle” mouthpiece for alto saxophone is a perfect expression of its time.

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This pioneering bi-material mouthpiece with its unique acoustic and sound properties testifies to Henri SELMER Paris’ ever-growing desire to improve its products. Designed in close collaboration with Claude Delangle, this mouthpiece perfectly reflects his personality.

A remarkable demonstration of our expertise, the “Claude Delangle” mouthpiece emphasizes the importance of creativity in the search for sonic perfection while continuing and reinforcing the long Henri SELMER Paris tradition.

The metal ring characteristic of Adolphe Sax’s first mouthpieces and its cutaway design testify to a privileged relationship between tradition and the latest advances of the Concept family. The gold-plated metal ring lines the entire bore and allows for a denser, fuller sound with increased projection. The acoustic performance of this new alto saxophone mouthpiece signed “Claude Delangle” will charm saxophone players and audience members alike.

  • Round chamber
  • Table opening: 1.65 mm
  • Table length: 24 mm


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"I will entrust to you a precious companion! Inheritor of the great French tradition, the fruit of a rich culture of sound and of high technology, this mouthpiece  will resonate with your energy  on each and every stage.”


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