Alto Stand

Alto Music Stand

The Alto Stand has a unique range of height, bigger than any other stand on the market. This virtually unbreakable music stand can be set low enough to suit a child cellist,and high enough for a singer standing on a riser. This stand is ideal when space on a riser is an issue,and they can be nested together tightly for compact storage.


Alto Stand Back Tray

The Alto Stand’s injection molded tray is virtually unbreakable and if bent, it will spring back.The tray is made of a polymer which does not ‘ring’ if it is knocked,preventing any unwanted noise. It has smoothly rounded edges all over, making it safe to handle and kind to instruments.

Alto Stand Tray

The Alto tray has an additional shelf for pencils and small instruments.

Alto Stand Neck

The anodised aluminum stem is very strong and rigid, ensuring that the stand will not sway. Friction locks will automatically hold the tray at the desired height and angle, without the requirement of adjusting any thumb screws or levers.

Alto Stand Height Comparison

The Alto Stand has a bigger range of height adjustment than any other music stand. Equally suitable for young cellists or musicians on a riser, this stand can be placed on the ground to save space on the platform. The Alto Stand covers applications for which other manufacturers require three different music stands.

Alto Stand Base Close Up

The base is made of a polypropylene which does not ‘ring’ or cause damage if it is knocked into. Rubber feet preserve your floor and prevent clatter if the stand is knocked.

Alto Stands Nested

The Alto Stand can be stored where other music stands cannot. For example under desks and tables. The Bases interlock when nested together, taking up minimal space. The Alto Stand Trolley is available to transport and store up to 16 stands.


Music stand with height adjustment range from 715mm to 1600mm, greater than any other music stand. Telescopic stem made from anodised aluminum. Low profile polypropylene base, with rubber feet to protect the floor. Bases interlock and stands can be nested on a flat floor without requiring a trolley. Lever free locks for stand height and tray angle. Polypropylene tray which does not ring when knocked. An additional lip for pencils and small instruments as standard.

Structural PartsAluminum
CoatingAnodised Aluminum
Tray width19.9 in (503mm)
Tray height (score area only)12.7 in (323mm)
Depth of tray lip2.2 in (57mm)
Lowest height to bottom of score28.1 in (715mm)
Tallest height to bottom of score63 in (1601mm)
Nesting pitch2.6 in (65mm)
Storage height26.8 in (681mm)
Floor area occupied by 20 stands64.6 x 19.8 in (1640 x 503mm)
Weight5 lbs (2.3kg)