Jazz Stand Flight Case

Jazz Stand Flight Case

A strong flight case to store and transport the RATstands Jazz Stand in. Cases available in either 6up or 24up (24up has 4 castors for maximum manoeuvrability). A sleek and safe way to store the Jazz Stand.


Jazz Stand Flight Case Open

Flight Cases are available in 6up (up to 6 Jazz Stands),and 24up (up to 24 Jazz Stands).The larger case size has 4 castors with brakes, to make moving the stands around easy.

Jazz Stand Flight Case Inside

The Flight Cases are made with a foam lining inside, to protect the Jazz Stands from any damage during transit.

Jazz Stand Flight Case Clips

Each Flight Case has two butterfly clips to securely lock the case closed. This is to prevent any damage to the music stands when they are being stored, or transported between rehearsals and shows.

Jazz Stand Flight Case Handles

There are two recessed handles on the ends of the case, for ease when moving or lifting.


A storage or transport case to specifically fit the RATstands Jazz Stand. Aluminium structure with black hexaboard panels. Available in 2 sizes, 6up and 24up. Both sizes are lined with a foam, have a hinged lip, recessed flip handles, and recessed butterfly catches. There are 4 braked swivel castors on the larger case.

Outer StructureAluminium case with 0.4in (9mm) black hexaboard panels
Inside Lining0.8 in (20mm)foam
CastorsNylon wheels
External Dimensions (lid closed, including castors on 24up)22.6 x 18.3 x 13.6 in (574 x 464 x X 346mm)36.7 x 23.8 x 30.7 in [932 x 604 x 780mm]
Internal Dimensions (lid closed)20.2 x 16.8 x 10.9 in (512 x 426 x 277mm)(2x) 17.7 x 20.2 x 20.6 in [450 x 512 x 522mm]
Weight (without stands)26.5 lbs (12kg)76.1 lbs (34.5kg)
Weight (with stands)62.2 lbs (28.2kg)218.9 lbs (99.3kg)